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Hi, my name is Caro McKee and welcome to the world of Fitness, Nutrition and Personal Grooming!

Are you looking for something different? Something just for you? If this sounds like you then I can provide you with - Nutritional information, Personal Grooming Products, One on One Fitness sessions, Bootcamps, PowerhoopNZ Classes and Sport specific programs to assist in a healthier, more energetic you.

With over 20 years in the fitness industry I have gained experience in all types of exercise, nutritional and personal grooming information to which I apply to my everyday way of life.

My programs are structured and tailored to suit all ages and genders or medical condition. I strive to meet my clients' requirements by providing a professional service, working together to achieve realistic goals.

If your interested in: better wellbeing, feeling fitter and stronger, performance improvement, training for an event, maintaining your current level of fitness and or interval training or improving how you look and feel then give me a call.

*Finance option available with Genoapay: - where you can pay weekly installments over 10 weeks